Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." 

~ Edgar Degas

I have always dreamed of having a meeting place where I could share my love for art with

others. A place where I would showcase unique and timeless art. 


I believe art gives a home that spacial touch which makes it a home! This believe inspired me to start my atelier where I offer a Collection of abstract and expressionist paintings and drawings by Adrian G. Linden.

I started Linden Arts Atelier in January 2017. Until then I had been keeping few hundred 

paintings stored away in a storage box, or in our dark attic at home, for almost 30 years.

Getting a few years older I began to realised it was time to do something with the legacy that my late husband, Adrian Linden, had left behind. 


Now, almost thirty years later, I felt ready to share them with my friends, family, and anyone appreciative of art and sensitive to art and beauty. I see it as a tribute to Adrian’s memory. My main concern is to find happy homes for Adrian's work. 

The Atelier 

Linden Arts Atelier is located in s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. It is a very homely, cosy, and accessible place with a collection of unique and original paintings. 

The idea behind the home atelier is simply to share the pleasure of experiencing art, in its most pure form, in a very humble and homely environment.


The Atelier has a laid back atmosphere and is a very informal place where you can come in and look at some original and very authentic paintings and drawings by Adrian Linden.


So please don't be shy to come for a visit!

Linden Arts Atelier, Buitenhaven 80, s-Hertogenbosch


Most of the paintings are painted in acrylic paint. They are considered more flexible and resistant to ageing. Which means less cracks. But they gather dirt and dust more easily. And since they had been kept away for a long period of time, exhibiting them required a lot of cleaning, preparation, hard work, and workmanship.



Untitled acrylic paint 100x100 cm

Paintings stored in the storage box and attic room for the last 28 years

Icon acrylic paint 100X100 cm

Nude acrylic paint with gold leaf  50 x70 cm

Untitled acrylic and mixed materials

But with the total support and tremendous help of my dear partner, Harry, they were now finally ready to be exhibited.

The Artist

Adrian G. Linden (1936-1989) was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

In 1958 he left for Sydney, Australia. After a year in Sydney he moved to Brisbane where he met the famous portrait artist Andrew Sibley.

While living in Brisbane he started his carrier as a expressionist painter.


During his stay in Australia and Asia, Adrian held many exhibitions in various countries.

His works were shown in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, London, Tourettes sur Loup, Valletta,Tehran, Ryad, and Munich.

14 years old Adrian with his mother in Rotterdam

Adrian at a writer's gala in Sidney, Australia

 Adrian in his twenties in Sidney, Australia


I met Adrian at a friend's house in London. Her husband, Brian, worked for Channel 4 at that time and he was helping Adrian getting his musical "Grass" on a stage in the West End. I'd just finished my study and was living and working in London.

Adrian was a very charismatic and unforgettable person, bursting with energy and enthusiasm about art and life and .......

We were married within a week in a an anglican chapel in Knightsbridge, London.  


After four years travelling and living in various places in Europe we moved to Tehran, Iran, where Adrian continued his work successfully as an artist.


However, after a few successful years, we were unexpectedly confronted with an unpredictable situation in 1979. It was the start of a turbulent year in Tehran.  And although there were no reasons for us to leave, we decided to look for a more peaceful surroundings to live! 

In the midst of conflict and unrest, and after the downfall of the Pahlavi dynasty, 

we left Iran, leaving most of Adrian's paintings behind!

Back in peaceful Holland, Adrian started to paint again. Now, none stop and franticly, as if wanting to forget all the atrocities and the destruction we had witnessed during the 1979 revolution in Tehran, Iran!  

Tehran, Iran 1975

Adrian found his inspiration in such themes as nature, time, historical and current events.

He worked mostly with acrylic paint and experimented with natural element, using gold leaf and silver on canvas and other materials such as wood, paper, glass, and to many people's surprises, polystyrene as substitute for canvas.

In the years to come he had several exhibitions in Rosmalen, Versailles, s-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven en Waalwijk.

Around Nice, South of France


Here is a short list of some of Adrian Linden's exhibitions:

Bribane          Australia          1961                      

Sydney                ''                   1962                    London        England              1973

Sydney                 "                  1963                    London             "                      1974

Canberra             "                  1964                   Tehran           Iran                     1975

Melbourne          "                  1965                   Tehran             "                        1976

Sydney                "                  1966                   Tehran*           "                        1977

Mexico City    Mexico            1967                   Tehran             "                        1978

Tourette         France             1968                   Rosmalen      Netherlands     1984

London           England.         1969                   Den Bosch       "                       1984

Sydney            Australia        1970                  Eindhoven       "                        1985

Sydney                   "              1971                  Waalwijk.         "                        1985

Sydney                    "              1972                   Versailles      France.                 1986


* Private collection Empress Farah

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